EIKON offers a full subtitling solution including translation, conversion, positioning, timing and content integration to create your fully localised content in any language, for the motion picture, broadcast television and VOD industries.

Our subtitle services are based on fully integrated 2D and 3D systems, providing the most efficient workflows regardless of content format. With this integration extending across all our workstations and operators in both London and LA, we can provide the largest 3D subtitling capacity while still maintaining the highest quality available anywhere.

Our software and systems are constantly being developed to improve quality and efficiency. Working closely with other EIKON systems and incorporating software improvements as they occur, we can ensure that advances in technology always work for your content, and never against it.

The department is led by the world’s leading subtitle expert and pioneer of subtitle solutions, in the vanguard of feature film subtitling for the last 25 years.

EIKON: your content, any language.