Translation Management

META is a secure cloud-hosted platform built to facilitate global translation management for content localisation.

More than 1200 translators currently use the system, collectively covering all global languages. The system has been designed for pre-release content, with security that meets all industry-accepted protocols and workflows.

The automated task-driven application gives customers the ability to define bespoke workflows that notify all users when tasks are ready, and allows for true collaboration across projects, providing extensive time and cost savings.

Online approvals drive the workflow forward, letting users approve all translations and Visual FX in a player environment – a first for our customers. The system also allows users to monitor the progress of an entire project, including all stages of localisation and approvals.

All media types can be localised in META: trailers, feature films, broadcast and online content.

The EIKON META System:

  • Highly secure cloud-based technology
  • Web-based access for global deployment
  • Increased efficiency for VFX/censor edits/translations and approvals
  • Reduction in email traffic
  • Definable notification for approvals and actions
  • Increased automation of translation process – removing legacy infrastructure
  • Scalable infrastructure – supports 1000s of users
  • Centralised viewing, editing and commenting of translations against content in real time
  • Centralised hub for project management
  • Cost reduction on current translation model through automation of vendor project management
  • Faster delivery of your finished content
  • Applicable to digital cinema, broadcast, home entertainment and online/VOD
  • Suitable for short- and long-form workflows
  • Improves communication and turnaround times for entire project
  • Censor edit functionality