Richard Fish

Chief Commercial Officer

Richard has worked in the media and post production industry for 20 years, holding various senior and commercial roles. His career path takes in small independents as well as global players like BBC Worldwide and Ascent Media.

He has specialised in initiating and developing new business lines, growing Ascent Media’s Hollywood studio business across the European group from £2.5m to £6m over two years, while also developing new Digital Asset Management technology, and creating and developing Midnight Transfer’s restoration business from zero to £1.5m.

From 2008 Richard worked with Peter Wright in growing Deluxe’s Digital Cinema turnover from £5m to £40m, dramatically expanding the Hollywood studio business, and also developing the independent distributor sector from zero to £4.5m.

Richard also worked alongside Peter Wright in quickly transitioning Deluxe142 from a £20m loss-making business into profit.