EIKON KDM platform launched

Phase one of our newly developed Key Delivery Message system is already successfully licensing theatrical content for the major EMEA region. By the start of 2018 the system will be licensing globally.

Designed and built to the exacting standards required by SMPTE and DCI, our KDM system’s modular architecture is highly scalable and able to interface with external booking and reporting systems.

Key features of the EIKON KDM system:

  • System commercially operational (FIGS+UK) from May 2017
  • EMEA-wide KDMs to be completed by September 2017
  • Global roll-out from January 2018
  • Only generates KDMs for Digital Cinema Initiative and SMPTE approved equipment
  • Built on industry-leading hardware and software
  • Allows for the generation of KDMs on standalone secured hardware, with full redundancy
  • Bespoke modules and workflows to customers’ requirements
  • 24-hour monitoring of platform, and automated issue resolutions (i.e. automated restarts of servers)
  • All server/hardware replicated on a second active server, enabling:
    • Load balancing across server farms
    • Automated failover
    • New servers added in under an hour
  • Highly secure Tier 4 data centre infrastructure:
    • Critical servers (KDM generation devices) in secure segments
    • Web application firewalls
    • Perimeter firewalls (multi-manufacturer)
    • Internal firewalls (multi-manufacturer)
    • Log-tracking management devices
    • Intrusion-detection devices
    • Intrusion-prevention software